KC Auto Paint is what the industry calls a “multi-line” distributor.

Translated, this means that we have access to a wide variety of premium brands, both in automotive paint and auto body supplies and in industry-leading equipment. As a result, we are fully equipped to offer customers the right product for their business.

Although it would be impossible to list every product line that we carry, the brands listed on this website are some of our most respected brand-partners. They are a vital part of the group that supports us in our effort to provide our customers with the quality product that they expect.

Paint Equipment

Nova Verta Spray Booths

KC Auto Paint is proud to support Nova Verta Spray Booths. Step into a Nova Verta paint booth and you’ll see what makes us the industry leader in the production and distribution of downdraft paint booths, spray paint booths, mix rooms, and prep station products. With over thirty years of experience, we’ve pioneered solutions to create the highest quality paint booth available. Only Nova Verta products package features and benefits like these:

  • Three distinct operating modes trim energy costs for the complete paint process – typically at least 40% over competitive systems
  • Allen-Bradley controls simplify paint booth operations
  • Self-diagnostic control system provides maintenance and troubleshooting tips to maximize production time
  • Superior, shadow-free lighting optimizes visibility
  • Verifiable air-flow supports water-based paints ensuring conformance to future legislative mandates
  • Durable, quality construction provides built-to-last paint booth, mix room & prep station solutions.
  • Touch safe control wiring safeguards operators
  • Pre-wired controls minimize installation time and expense and ensure proper wiring
  • Indirect heating recirculates warm air during final masking and paint prep providing a safe, comfortable working environment for operators


Nova Verta Spray Booths
8207 East Trent Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
Customer Contact: 800-668-2921